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Southern Illinois University
Carbondale sits at a crucial
inflection point in its history.

Like other similarly-sized institutions of higher learning, SIU Carbondale is experiencing major shifts in economic forces, societal trends, and the pressure to continue doing more with less. What will be required of the University is a clear direction for navigating these issues and a more intentional focus on purpose.

SIU Carbondale is experiencing a generation of incoming students with a greater need to feel alignment among their personal calling, the caliber of instruction, and the value of the degree that they are pursuing. The student body of the future will also have a higher standard for what diversity, equity and inclusion look like on campus. We will need to find a delicate balance in the way we attract and retain students with updated offerings, facilities, and technology, while managing costs and maintaining our status as a tremendous value for students in our region.

Imagine 2030 is Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s answer for defining a direction for the future and showing a clear path for students, staff, alumni and partners within and outside the Carbondale community to follow. But this plan is just a start. There is significant work yet to be done to cascade this plan down to ensure every faculty and staff member understands how their individual roles impact Imagine 2030. This will require constant supervision and refinement of our strategic plan as conditions on and off campus evolve. Imagine 2030 is our University’s definition for change, and we will need to be able to adapt to changing conditions more nimbly than ever before.

Imagine 2030 should start a conversation about how we can take an already strong institution and continue making it better. We look forward to receiving your feedback about this plan and suggestions for how we can make this work in your area. Your efforts are what will make Imagine 2030 come to life, so we need YOU to be committed and communicate with us as we imagine the future, together.